My Top 10 Popular Articles (Updated In Dec 2021)

Most viewed & clapped articles 11/2019–12/2021 by Christopher Tao

Thank you very much for reading my posts! Your reads, claps and subscription is the most important incentive to support me being a persistent and frequent writer.

It has been 2 years since I started blogging in Medium. Time flies! Here are the most popular articles from me. Hope they can help somehow or satisfy your curiosity in any way.

My Top 10 Articles

1. Do Not Use “+” to Join Strings in Python

Claps: 5.1k Views: 140k

2. Do You Know Python Has A Built-In Database?

Claps: 3.8k Views: 228k

3. Do Not Use Print For Debugging In Python Anymore

Claps: 3.1k Views: 191k

4. Say Goodbye to Excel? A Simple Evaluation of Python Grid Studio Using COVID-19 Data

Claps: 1.9k Views: 156k

5. 4 Pandas Tricks that Most People Don’t Know

Claps: 1.5k Views: 26k

6. No, [] And list() Are Different In Python

Claps: 1.8k Views: 24k

7. Don’t Use Recursion In Python Anymore

Claps: 1.3k Views: 64k

8. 11 Python Built-in Functions You Should Know

Claps: 1.2k Views: 60k

9. 5 Interesting Python Libraries

Claps: 1.1k Views: 41k

10. Probably the Best Practice of Object-Oriented Python — Attr

Claps: 1.0k Views: 27k


I would also express my thankfulness to TDS Editors (Towards Data Science), Towards AI Editorial Team (Towards AI) and Level Up Coding. Without these top publications in Medium, my articles will definitely not be able to become popular so quickly.

Please also allow me to appreciate all the editors from these publications. Thank you very much for spending your time on the content curation. The community is growing up so quickly because of the quality of the content, which relies on your contributions! (name list is ordered alphabetically)




👁️ 2.5M+ Reads🏆7k+ Followers🥇Top 50 Writer👨‍🎓PhD💻Data Engineer/Machine Learning 🤝LinkedIn

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Christopher Tao

Christopher Tao

👁️ 2.5M+ Reads🏆7k+ Followers🥇Top 50 Writer👨‍🎓PhD💻Data Engineer/Machine Learning 🤝LinkedIn

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