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  • Ben Huberman

    Ben Huberman

    Editor in Chief, Towards Data Science. Previously: Editorial lead, Automattic & Senior Editor, Longreads.

  • Caitlin Kindig

    Caitlin Kindig

    Editor at Towards Data Science, she/her

  • Yong Cui

    Yong Cui

    Work at the nexus of biomedicine, data science & mobile dev. Love to write on these technological topics. Follow me @ycui01 on Twitter to get latest articles.

  • Prosenjit Chakraborty

    Prosenjit Chakraborty

    Tech enthusiast, Senior Architect — Data & AI.

  • Guha Ayan

    Guha Ayan

    Data Enthusiast

  • Fahedm


  • The Ascent

    The Ascent

    A community of storytellers documenting the journey to happiness & fulfillment. Join 100k+ others making the climb on one of the fastest-growing pubs on Medium.

  • Ramya Vidiyala

    Ramya Vidiyala

    Interested in computers and machine learning. Likes to write about it | https://www.linkedin.com/in/ramya-vidiyala/

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