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Most viewed & clapped articles 11/2019–12/2021 by Christopher Tao

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It has been 2 years since I started blogging in Medium. Time flies! Here are the most popular articles from me. …

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Machine Learning

Introduction to the Regression Tree Model without formulas, equations, and scientific statements

This article is meant to explain the regression tree machine learning model without any buzzwords and scientific expressions, so you don’t need any pre-requisite knowledge or a Computer Science/Math degree to understand it.

As one of the most commonly used machine learning models, a decision tree is usually used for…

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They are easter eggs, but who knows whether it will be useful or not

I use to try my best to find something useful for my readers. However, now I am counting the hours for the 2021 Christmas. So, let’s temporarily get rid of those complex concepts, algorithms, design patterns, etc. In this article, I’ll introduce some features in Python that are designed to…

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You don’t have to write code to use Python, sometimes.

One of the reasons why Python become popular is that we can write relatively less code to achieve complex features. The Python developers’ community welcomes libraries that encapsulate complicated implementations with simple interfaces exposed for use.

However, that’s even not the simplest. …

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Some cold knowledge about Python you need to know

Every programming language may have some interesting facts or mysterious behaviours, so does Python. In fact, as a dynamic programming language, there are even more interesting behaviours in Python.

I would bet most of the developers may never experience one of these scenarios because most of us will write “regular”…

Image by RitaE from Pixabay

Pros and cons of Pickle serialisation, and when should we use it

Compare with most of the other popular programming languages, Python probably has the most flexible serialisation of objects. In Python, everything is an object, so we can say that almost everything can be serialised. Yes, the module that I was talking about is Pickle.

However, compared with other “regular” serialising…

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