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Machine Learning

Introduction to the Regression Tree Model without formulas, equations, and scientific statements

This article is meant to explain the regression tree machine learning model without any buzzwords and scientific expressions, so you don’t need any pre-requisite knowledge or a Computer Science/Math degree to understand it.

As one of the most commonly used machine learning models, a decision tree is usually used for…

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Some cold knowledge about Python you need to know

Every programming language may have some interesting facts or mysterious behaviours, so does Python. In fact, as a dynamic programming language, there are even more interesting behaviours in Python.

I would bet most of the developers may never experience one of these scenarios because most of us will write “regular”…

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Pros and cons of Pickle serialisation, and when should we use it

Compare with most of the other popular programming languages, Python probably has the most flexible serialisation of objects. In Python, everything is an object, so we can say that almost everything can be serialised. Yes, the module that I was talking about is Pickle.

However, compared with other “regular” serialising…

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Great drop-in replacement to the Python datetime module

The datetime module is one of the most important build-in modules in Python. It is very flexible and powerful by providing many out-of-the-box solutions to real programming problems. For example, the timedelta is one of my favourite tools.

However, I have to say that there are also some limitations of…

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Three built-in Python class decorators

If you have ever used other object-oriented programming languages such as Java or C++, you might be familiar with the concepts like “static method”, “class method”, “getter” and “setter”. In fact, Python has all of these concepts, too.

In this article, I’ll introduce three built-in decorators for Python classes. …

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7 examples to show the “MATCH case” is not “SWITCH case”

In my previous article, I have introduced all the major new features in Python 3.10, which has just been released 2 weeks ago. One of the most important features is the Match-Case syntax.

Some still argue that Python doesn’t need the “switch-case” syntax. Even Guido himself did not support adding…

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Not only listing but also the examples and considerations.

A few days ago, Python 3.10 has released eventually. There are already many articles online that were even published before it was released. However, I found most of those are just listing the new features without too much discussion. Therefore, in my article, I'll try to give some examples about…

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A hidden gem — Python functools + decorator

In one of my previous blogs, I have introduced one decorator in Python functools which can cache the intermediate results for recursive functions and web requests automatically. All we need to do is just adding a decorator to the function definition.

In this article, I’ll introduce three more useful features…

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